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  1. Nice perspective.

    • Thank you. Accidental perspective. 🙂 I was just sitting down reviewing previous pics when he came pedalling towards me..

      • That perspective is refreshing. Maybe more shots from this level? I’ve got a folding stool that I carry with me that I can sit and/or stand on. It’s also good for resting.
        Best to your continued shooting. Also thank you for following my blog.

        • I like your stool idea but the town where I do my street photography has plenty of public seating along the footpaths and in the parks where I can wait for photo opportunities to arrive.
          I’d overlooked ‘following’ your blog even though I’d been browsing through your gallery for quite a long time. Your photographs are inspirational, especially as I’ve only recently become interested in photography in my retirement years and I’m also just learning how to use my new Canon 70D. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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