Disobeying the arrow   Leave a comment

Disobeying the arrow


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Lady in red   Leave a comment

Lady in red

An untold story   Leave a comment

The untold story

It has often been said that a good street photograph tells a story.  This shot only tells a fraction of the real story yet it has become one of my favourite photographs.  It was taken in a parkland close to a major hospital.  The real story will always be whatever the viewer interprets it to be.

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Connected people   Leave a comment

Connecting people

Stepping out of the poster   Leave a comment

Stepping out of the poster

Just her and her shadow   Leave a comment

Just her and her shadow

It’s been so long I’m just checking to see if I remember how to do this.

Is there anybody out there?   3 comments

Is there anybody out there

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One day your bus will come.

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